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ECCT/20/07/03   STAND
    A Phase III multicenter, randomized, double blind study to assess efficacy and safety of two doses of crizanlizumab verses placebo, with or without hydroxyurea/hydroxycarbamide therapy in adolescent and adult sickle cell disease patients with Vaso-Occlusive Crises (STAND)   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Bernhards Ragama Ogutu
Site(s) in Kenya
1. CREATES Strathmore University (Nairobi City county)
2. Getrudes Childrens Hospital (Nairobi City county)
3. International Cancer Institute (Elgeyo/Marakwet county)
Trial Status (not set!)
Protocol Date 02-06-2020


ECCT/20/05/02   COPCOV
    Chloroquine/ hydroxychloroquine prevention of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the healthcare setting; a randomised, placebo-controlled prophylaxis study (COPCOV)   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Anthony Oliwa Etyang
Site(s) in Kenya
1. KEMRI - Centre for Geographic Medicine Research Coast (CGMRC) (Kilifi county)
2. KEMRI-Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR) (Kisumu county)
Trial Status Recruiting
Protocol Date 09-04-2020


ECCT/20/05/01   ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 trial
    A phase Ib/II single-blinded, randomised, controlled study to determine safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of the candidate Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 in adults in Kenya   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. George Warimwe
Site(s) in Kenya
Trial Status Recruiting
Protocol Date 28-04-2020


ECCT/20/04/03   518 & 525-SHAN6™
    Study Title: Safety and Immunogenicity Study of Full Schedule (3-Dose SHAN6™) or SHAN6™- SHAN 5®- SHAN6™ Versus the Licensed Vaccine SHAN 5® With bOPV and IPV When Administered Per National Immunization Schedule in Healthy Kenyan Infants.    Phase III, multi-center, randomized, active-controlled, open-label, three-arm, study in 690 infants who will receive a 3-dose primary series at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age, of either 3-dose SHAN6™ or SHAN6™ – SHAN 5® + bOPV – SHAN6™ or SHAN 5® + bOPV – SHAN 5® + bOPV – SHAN 5® + bOPV + IPV, and a booster dose of either SHAN6™ or SHAN 5® + bOPV at 18 months of age   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Bernhards Ogutu
2. Godfrey Allan Otieno
3. Videlis Nduba
4. Lucy Chepkurui Koech
5. samuel Gurrion Ouma
6. Janet Oyieko
Site(s) in Kenya
1. Ahero Clinical Trials Unit (Kisumu county)
2. KEMRI, Centre for Respiratory Diseases Research (CRDR) (Nairobi City county)
3. KEMRI Kondele Children’s Hospital (Kisumu county)
4. KEMRI / Walter Reed Project, Clinical Research Centre, Kericho (Kericho county)
6. KEMRI Centre forClinical Research(CCR)_Butere County Hospital (Kakamega county)
7. CRDR_Siaya Annex(Back-up site) (Siaya county)
Trial Status Recruiting
Protocol Date 08-01-2020


ECCT/20/05/03   A5381
    Observational Cohort to Assess Therapeutic Efficacy and Emergence of HIV Drug Resistance Following Initiation of Tenofovir-Lamivudine-Dolutegravir (TLD) for First- or Second-Line ART or with Rifampicin-Containing TB Treatment   
Principal Investigator(s)
1. Victor Mudhune
Site(s) in Kenya
Kisumu Clinical Research Center
Trial Status (not set!)
Protocol Date 08-04-2019